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Pug Figurines: PP272 A & B

CLASSIC STAFFORDSHIRE PUG PAIR ( Antique Staffordshire Porcelain Pug Dog ): If you are a serious Pug collector or serious Staffordshire Porcelain collector – these large pugs are for you. Though an avid pug collector for 30 years, I have not collected the finer antique Staffordshire Pugs, except for the large gray ones with glass eyes (PP204 & PP181). Recently I purchased some of the pugs of an East Coast pug breeder and collector – including this superb pair. (c. 1875) My research led me to the book “A-Z of Staffordshire Dogs” by Clive Mason Pope. He pictures only 3 type pugs – the large gray ones mentioned, this one (page 145 – see photos) and another standing pug – also in the collection I purchased (see PP277). I learned they were made in small shops in Staffordshire, starting in the late 1800’s and often decorated by children. They weren’t made for the export market – like the German pugs – but made for the mantles of ordinary Englishmen and often called “comforters”. Thanks to Queen Victoria – and by extension Staffordshire – dogs became part of English Victorian families. They only had to earn their keep by giving love and joy – just as our pugs today. Condition: Very good. There are small flecks of yellow paint missing from the bottom of the irises of each dog’s right eye. Any other white areas you may see are glare. There is crazing of the glaze of both dogs – more so for the dog on the left. Personally, I think that adds character to antique dogs. Much of the gold has worn off the lockets on their collars. Size: Pug on left - 11” high, 7” long, 5” deep. Pug on right – 10 1/2” high, 7” long, 5” deep.

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