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Pug Figurines: PP259 A & B

A RARE AND BEAUTIFUL PAIR ( Vintage Dresden Porcelain Pug Dogs ): These lovely male and female pugs are near the top of the list for any serious pug collector. You may well have seen pugs that look like these, including on this site, but these two are 1 1/2" larger than the other, more common ones. In over 30 years of collecting pugs, I have seen two other such pairs - one of which resides in my personal collection. This pair comes from the collection of an East Coast breeder & collector who bought them in the 1970ís. They are made by the Carl Thieme Porcelain Manufactory of Potschappel, Germany, a suburb of Dresden. They are made from still existing 19th Century molds using the finest hard paste porcelain and beautifully hand decorated. They match Meissen pugs in quality. Condition: Excellent. The only minor defect is a small chip on the maleís privates (ouch!) only seen from the bottom (see hallmark photo). The female has a rattle in her, but no visible defect. Size: 8 1/2" high, 8 1/2" long.

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