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Pug Figurines: PP241

COME PLAY WITH ME ( Heubeck Porcelain Pug Dog ): Since, in real life, pugs are in constant motion (except when asleep), I really like vintage pugs in action, such as this charming fellow. He is in the typical pug crouch that says "Come and play ball with me". He is made by Brothers Heubeck Porcelain Company of Licte, Germany. Founded in 1882, it continued under that name until taken over by the East German state following WW II. He has incredibly fine molding - down to his individual teeth! He is subtly hand painted which highlights his face, feet and a band down his back. He represents a pre-20th Century pug with the longer legs and muzzle. The Heubeck hallmark is printed on the bottom of one paw and impressed in the other, along with "4060". Condition: Excellent. No chips, crack, or repairs. Size: 4" high, 6" long.

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