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Pug Figurines: PP210

DIVIDING THE POT ( Antique Porcelain Pug Dog Fairing Piece ): This is a really charming Pug English Fairing Piece which has been in my personal collection for many years. These two pug puppies must be very close buddies as they even share their potty pot. I love the look on their faces. They seem to be looking up at their master and saying: “See what good pups we are?” Fairing pieces were inexpensive items made to be given as prizes at Country Fairs, but now have become valued collector pieces. Though they were mainly given at English Fairs, most were made in Germany because they made higher quality ones for a lower price. They usually contain a title or a phrase; this one says: “Dividing the pot”. The German company, Conte and Boehme, was one of the main suppliers of Fairing Pieces, but this one is unmarked. Since the title is in English, it was made to be awarded at English country fairs. Don't miss winning this special prize!

Condition: Excellent. Few flecks of black paint on back of the larger pug.
Size: 3 3/4” high, 2 3/4” wide, 2 1/4” deep.

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