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WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS PUG ( Porcelain Pug Dog ): Meet "TRUMP" - the favorite pug dog of the famous 18th Century English painter and social satirist - William Hogarth. Hogarth owned several pugs and started using them as quasi-human actors in social situations as early as 1730. In 1740 Louis-Francois Roubiliac - the most important sculptor working in 18th Century England - modeled complementary terracotta sculptures of Hogarth and Trump (Victorian & Albert Museum), both of which were later reproduced in porcelain by the Chelsea Pottery Factory. In 1745 Hogarth used Roubiliac’s two figures as models for his famous ironic self portrait - "The Painter and His Pug". Hogarth is shown in a painting within a painting, with Trump as his alter ego. The English company, Halcyon Days, has made this nicely molded and hand painted reproduction of the Trump figurine. The history is printed on the base. Trump is a must for every pug collector. (I have another and I’m keeping him!) Condition: Mint. Size: Pug 2 3/4" high (3 1/4" with base), 2 1/4" long.

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