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Pug Figurines: PP188

AND A GOOD DAY TO YOU! ( Antique Bisque Pug & Spitz Nodder ): This model of the Antique Bisque Pug & White Spitz has always been one of my favorites, but until now I have never found a nodder of these wonderful dogs except in my personal collection. You may know that these dogs also come with the Pug larger than the Spitz. This always puzzled me, since I thought the Spitz was a large dog. A knowledgeable collector informed me that the Spitz has been bred down to today’s familiar Pomeranian. At the same time the Spitz breed has been maintained and comes in small, medium and large sizes. Thus the 2 Pug & Spitz style figurines. There is a "22" inside the piece, probably the model number. I hope you take this opportunity to add this relatively rare piece, in wonderful condition, to your pug collection. Condition: Excellent. German made with fine detailing. Size: Pug 3” tall. Spitz 4” tall. Base 3 ½” side, 2 ¼” deep, 1” high. Total height 5”.


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