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Pug Figurines: PP182

THE CLASSIC ANTIQUE PUG PAIR ( Victorian Conte & Boehme Porcelain Pug Dogs ): If you are a pug collector, you no doubt have seen this popular 19th Century Pug, most made by the famous German Porcelain Manufactory – Conte & Boehm; but it is much rarer to find a male and female matching pair. They have the cropped ears of the typical old German pugs and the blue collar adorned with large golden bells found on the well-dressed 18th & 19th century pug. Though these pugs don’t bare the Conte & Boehme shield, the do have the “III” impressed in the base – as seen in the base of Conte & Boehme pugs, along with the model number “37”. Condition: Very good. Much of the gold paint is worn off of their bells – almost always the case - and they have some superficial scratches in the paint of their muzzles. No chips cracks or repairs. Many of these old porcelain pugs have broken or repaired tails or bells or collar bows - but these are fully intact. Size: 4" high, 4 1/2" long.

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