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DRESSED FOR A NIGHT ON THE TOWN: This is an unusually large Vintage Porcelain Pug in the typical Staffordshire-like pose of a mantel piece - sitting with face turned to the side. I believe he is English, but Im not sure. He has no markings. Hes all dressed up in a blue bow tie. He is what I would consider a medium quality glazed porcelain pug dog. He has less surface flaws in his molding than those of lesser quality. He is covered all over by a fine crackling in the glaze, which is actually very attractive on him. He is hand painted in what would be a crude fashion compared to a Meissen or Dresden Pug, but quite typical for this type and time (Victorian or early 20th Century). His coat is light fawn colored. He is hollow, but quite substantial. Condition: Very Good. He has a small crack in the glaze under his right front leg occurring when he was fired and he has some black paint in the glaze of both front legs. 7 1/2" tall, 6 1/2" chest to tail, 3 3/4" deep.

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