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MEISSEN PUG - LOVELY TO LOOK AT ( Meissen Pug Dog ): Meissen Porcelain Pugs have the most lovely expression on their faces and their faces have the most lovely decoration. They have the soft, expressive eyes we see in our own pugs today and the finest depiction of their facial hair and "beauty marks". You can tell the Meissen artists who made the "Mops" molds dating back to the 1700ís and the Meissen porcelain artists who have decorated these pugs over the years have had a special fondness for their subjects, favorites of European royalty. You can also see why they remain the most valued and most valuable of porcelain pugs. This relatively large female pug has the longer legs and muzzle, and cropped ears typical of pre-Victorian pugs. Her coat has a feint fawn tinge in the white glaze. She wears a blue collar with a silver colored buckle. She has the famous Meissen crossed swords trademark of a type used since 1934. Embossed in her base is the model number "78526" and molderís number "18S". The artistís number, "2828", is printed in red. Condition: Excellent. No chips, cracks or repairs. 7" high, 7" long.

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