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LARGE & LOVELY MEISSEN PUG MOTHER & PUP ( Vintage Meissen Porcelain Pug Dog ): One of the many things I love about Meissen Pugs is the soft and loving look on their faces and their realistic soft brown eyes. Even though these pugs are made from 18th & 19th Century molds, the facial expressions are much more similar to our precious playful pugs of today, as opposed to many of the Victorian Porcelain Pugs. They are made of the finest hard paste porcelain. You can see an unusual amount of detail in the perfect molding of the coat and tail. I couldn’t capture it in the photos, but there are fine hairs molded throughout the coat and a feint fawn color. The hand painting has the typical delicacy of Meissen Mops and the “beauty marks” matching those of my own babies – signs of their link to at least 300 years of history. The golden bells on the collar, not present on most Meissen pugs, add significantly to the value. There is an impress model number “315” in the base, thus this was made before the 5 digit numbers were started in 1974 (this one is now 78525). Also impressed is “106Y”. The number is the molder and the “Y” indicates it was “thrown” in 1968. The “4” painted in the glaze of the base indicates the decorator. Condition: Excellent. No chips, cracks or repairs. Size: 7” high, 7” long & 4 1/2” wide.  

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