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PUG COLLECTOR'S DELIGHT - FEMALE ( Meissen Pug Dog ): By now you know Meissen Porcelain Pugs are top of the line and this is a beauty. I'll call this a "Vintage" Meissen Pug because I don't know exactly when it was made - probably in the 20th century. But they are made from the same molds as used in the 1700's and they still use the finest hard paste porcelain and are hand painted by some of Europe's finest porcelain artists. She costs somewhat less than some Meissen Pugs because she doesn't have bells on her collar. A personal note for pug owners: I have pictured the "beauty mark" of our 1 year old pug along side that of the Meissen - two beauties! I hold my pug and feel her lineage back through those of Europe's Royal Families, on back to ancient China where pugs were bred purely to entertain and delight the Chinese Imperial Dynasties. Impressed into the bottom is the model number "78550" and "7AS". "2807" is in red. And, of course, Meissen's famous crossed swords hallmark. Condition: Excellent. 4" tall, 3 1/2" long.

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