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A DANGEROUS PUG DOG?: This old Porcelain Pug shows how pugs have changed from the 18th and 19th century to today in both appearance and temperament. This conformation (longer legs and muzzle) and coloring (mostly white or light tan with black face) is seen in the 18th century Meissen Pugs and 19th century Dresden Pugs and faithfully reflects the appearance of those early pugs brought from China. And the leather muzzle shows that not all of those pugs had the extraordinarily friendly and playful personality or our pugs of today. He is wearing the golden bells on his collar - popular for pugs. Condition: Surprisingly good for such an old pug. The darkening of the feet and rough areas on the body are not caused by damage, but reflect the relatively crude original molding. The paint of the gilded bells shows some wear. 3 1/4" high, 4" long.

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