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Pug Figurines: PP063

DRESDEN "MOPS" - TOP OF THE LINE: This is the most beautiful Dresden Pug (Mops in German) that I own. I'm only selling her because I'm lucky enough to have two. The term "Dresden China" is very loosely used. This large and lovely mother and suckling puppy are truly Dresden Pugs made by the Carl Thieme Porcelain Factory of Potschappel, a suburb of Dresden, Germany. Thieme has been producing top quality porcelain items since 1867. Dresden Pugs have this typical pose along with the cropped ears, long legs and muzzles and coloring of the early pugs brought from China. So called "Dresden Pugs" are made by porcelain factories all over Europe. The quality varies greatly and can be judged by the subtleties and perfection of the porcelain casting along with the delicacy and color of the hand painting of the features. If you can buy only one Dresden, these 2 pugs with their gorgeous deep green eyes, are perfection. Condition: Excellent. 9 1/2" tall, 10" long, 7" wide.

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