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PLAYFUL PUGS - MEISSENíS FINEST ( Meissen Pug Dogs ): Most of you pug collectors know that Meissen Pugs are the top-of-the-line. This Meissen grouping of three playful pugs represents - in my opinion - Meissenís finest pug motif figurine. This piece was modeled in the mid-1700ís by Johann Joachim Kšndler, generally acknowledged as the greatest German porcelain modeler of all time. He was the prime Meissen artist from 1733 to 1775. Pugs were a favorite of August the Strong of Saxony (founder of Meissen) and his aristocratic friends. Thus they were also a favorite of Kšndler - often appearing at the feet or on the lap of his human figurines. These 3 pugs epitomize the special skill Kšndler had for molding animals in action. We can all recognize how realistic are the playful positions of these pugs. The Meissen Manufactory, located 25 km from Dresden, escaped the WW II destruction of almost all Dresden porcelain companies, allowing us to continue to appreciate Meissenís great 18th & 19th Century porcelains. Meissen pugs are made of the finest hard paste porcelain and decorated by some of Germanyís finest porcelain artists. Besides bearing the famous Meissen crossed swords hallmark, impressed in the base is the model "78836", the molder "151h" and the painted "23" is probably the decorating artist. The model number indicates these pugs were made from Kšndlerís mold since 1972. I took a top view of one pug to show how the collar and bells were made separately, not being part of the pug body - very delicate. My photos donít show it well, but the pugs are decorated with fine hair and are a light fawn color. They are on a grass-covered base. Size: Each pug is 3 1/2" long and 1 3/4" to 2 1/2" high. The base is 6 1/2" long, 4" wide & 7/8" high. Total height - 3 1/2".

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