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Pug Figurines: PP040

BEAUTIFUL OLD DRESDEN PUG -  Meissen pugs may be #1, but "real" Dresden Pugs are a close second in the hearts of pug collectors and often more prized for display purposes because most are larger. This young male Dresden Pug is a perfect example. He was manufactured by the Carl Thieme Porcelain Manufactory of Potschappel - a suburb of Dresden, Germany. (See Dresden China section in Pug Figurine area of Personal Collection) The Thieme Manufactory opened in 1867 and rivaled Meissen in quality. Thieme Pugs are the only old porcelain pugs I've seen that were actually made in Dresden. This pug is made of the finest hard paste porcelain and beautifully hand painted. (Click photo to see blow-ups) Condition: Excellent, including the delicate bow on the collar - very often found broken or repaired. Judging from the appearance of the trademark, I believe he is quite old - early 20th century. This trademark has been used since 1901 and the ones made later are much bluer and complete. He deserves a prominent spot in your pug collection. 6 3/4" tall, 7" long. Red "36" on bottom.

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