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SILVER BANGLE BEAUTIES ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Silver Bangles ): One of my passions is putting two or more bangles together to form one large, beautiful bangle. Besides Native American bangles, I do this with Bakelite bangles and costume jewelry bangles. Any one of these five small bangles would be relatively insignificant by itself, but as a set – Wow! All are Sterling Silver with the largest Navajo stampwork bangle in the center, black jet inlay bangles come next (both with the hallmark “”SM”) with the set framed by two silver roping bangles. You can wear these in different combinations, but all together a Silver Bangle Beauty!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Roped bangles 1/8” in diameter, onyx inlay bangles 1/4” wide, stampwork bangle 7/16” wide, 1/8” deep. Inner opening 2 5/8” for all.

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