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Native American Jewelry: NA182

HOPI LIVING ( Native American Hopi Indian Silver Ring ): Hopi jewelry artists are best known for their overlay work using intricate patterns from both their spirit world and from their every day life. Hopi overlay can be differentiated from that of other tribes by the darkness and the fine parallel lines in the background. The technique was developed in the early 1940's. This hallmarked ring is a lovely example. The oval on the right shows a pueblo, ladder, stylized sun, clouds, and smoke going up into the sky. The crescent on the left rising out of the earth has hills, food, clouds and a storm. I love the way the patterns are extended all the way around the band. Inside the band it is marked “STERLING” with a hallmark I believe to be a bird. Become the owner of this choice Hopi Ring!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Front disc 1 1/2” high, 1” wide, 1/8” deep, slightly convex in shape. Band varies from 1/2” wide in front to 5/16” in back. Ring size 8 3/4.

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