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BOULDER BEAUTY ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Boulder Turquoise Adjustable Ring ): Until the last 20 years or so most of us were accustomed to turquoise being some shade of blue-green. Turquoise miners and Native American artists have changed that concept. Wild Horse Turquoise and White Buffalo Turquoise are two popular examples. Boulder Turquoise is achieved by cutting a boulder containing traditional turquoise across the veins rather than along the veins. Thus new, beautiful types of turquoise containing different colors and patterns can be found in the areas between veins or containing a cross section of a vein. This lovely deep rust and blue-gray trapezoidal shaped stone with its unusual thin rust veins is a good example. It is bezel set in an adjustable Sterling Silver ring, measuring a 6 ½ ring size, but easily increased up to 9 or more. A soft ethnic look for your finger, it would look striking with a brown, blue or green outfit or sophisticated with black.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Stone and setting 1 1/2” long, 1 1/8” at widest point, 1/4” deep. Ring band 3/8” wide. Ring size from small of 6 ½, adjusts to 9+.

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