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Native American Jewelry: NA178

IN THE BEGINNING ( Vintage Native American Zuni Indian Bolo Tie ): According to Hopi legend in the beginning there were only Tewa, the sun god, and Spider Woman, the earth goddess. Striking, yet sophisticated, this Zuni Bolo Tie featuring Tewa can be worn for dress up or leisure and by a man or a woman. It is a good example of how Native American artists borrow designs and techniques from other tribes in making their jewelry. The Zunis are the masters of inlay work, as seen here, but this Zuni artist, Andrew Dewa, has borrowed the familiar Hopi sun god design. The Tewa face is made of coral, turquoise, jet and mother-of-pearl. It is highlighted by rays of oyster shell surrounded by jet. There is a silver backing and small decorated silver circles can be seen all around the jet. It is marked “A. DEWA”, “ZUNI” on the back. (c. 1950) It has black leather cording with silver tips and a clip clamp to hold the bolo in place. It is a lovely match with the Zuni Cuff (NA179). My father wore this bolo for many, many years so I'm hoping one of you will enjoy it as much as he did.

Condition: Good. Chip on tip of jet at 11:30. Price reflects this defect.
Size: Bolo 1 7/8” in diameter, 3/8” deep. Cord 36” long, including 1 7/8” silver tips.

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