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FETISH POWER ( Vintage Native American Zuni Indian Ivory Fetish Earrings ): Sweet and simple – yet powerful! This is a pair of Zuni Fetish Earrings made of lovely old Mastodon Ivory. You can see there is a turtle, fish and duck fetish hanging on each earring. Zuni Fetishes bring a certain power. Fish Fetishes bring you prosperity and a bountiful life. Turtle Fetishes bring you a long and healthy life. Duck Fetishes represent the spirit of those who have passed on and give you a connection to the divine, a soaring spirit that transcends personal problems. Each of the three creatures are made from a slightly different color tone of mastodon ivory. They hang from a loop of similar colored heishi hanging from silver fixings, orbs and pierced earring posts. They would go beautifully with a fetish necklace. Sweet, simple, powerful and nicely priced. Don't pass them up!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 3” long to fishes nose, 1 3/8” wide, Fish 1 1/8”, duck 1”, turtle 3/4”.

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