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EVOLVING FROM THE PAST ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Bow Guard Bracelets ): This gorgeous pair of Navajo bracelets is an inspired new take on old traditional bow guards, originally a leather guard worn on the left wrist to protect an archer from the snap of his bow string. Early silversmiths decorated the leather with silver plates. The style has endured and is still worn on special occasions by Pueblo men. In this novel design the bow guard has been rotated from the front to the back of the wrist. Bracelet A has an elongated oval Mediterranean coral in the shadow box. Bracelet B has a square deep blue turquoise in the shadow box and the addition of decorative stampwork along the outer edges. The cuff portion of both bracelets is formed of thin bands of Sterling Silver alternating Sterling wire twists. Very comfortable! Fits a small wrist. I have had these bow guard inspired bracelets since the 60's, always wearing the pair at once – a great “Wonder Woman” feel. I prefer to sell the two together, but am listing them as A & B if you must break up the pair. They are real eye dazzlers!

Condition: Excellent. The turquoise bracelet has a feint scratch just above shadow box (no doubt from deflecting a bullet).
Size: Sterling plates are 2 1/2” high, 1 1/2” wide. Both are slightly domed and 1/4” thick in center. Cuffs are 6” including 1” opening. Fits a small wrist.

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