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THE HOPI WAY ( Vintage Native American Hopi Indian Jewelry Bracelet ): Hopi Inlay Jewelry is characterized by self-containment and internal harmony. This sleek and sophisticated Vintage Sterling Silver Hopi Bracelet (c. 1980) is a perfect example of harmony. Symbols relate to each other and borders circumscribe the whole, suggesting the order and serenity of the Hopi people whose name for themselves means “people of peace”. The overlay technique was developed by the Hopi in early 1940 to make their silver work more distinct and to compete with the Navajo, Zuni & Santo Domingo work. The bottom layer of silver that shows through the top cutout is oxidized to make the design more prominent. Look closely for the tiny Hopi texture marks – all done by hand – under the overlay polished design. The surface of this bracelet is buffed and polished to a satin matte finish. Superbly crafted and hallmarked by Benjamin Mansfield (a stamp of an antelope), this bracelet also bears the trademark Hopi Tewa face denoting the Hopi Arts and Crafts Guild, guaranteeing that the piece is made of Sterling Silver. Regal and elegant – black and silver is always in the best of taste. It feels like satin on your wrist.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Small to Medium sized bracelet. 1/2" high, 1/8” thick, measures 6 3/4” in circumference including the 1” opening.

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