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VINTAGE DECORATIVE NAVAJO COMBS ( Vintage Native American Navajo Indian Hair Combs ): I have had these Navajo Hair Combs for about 35 years and enjoy many compliments when wearing them. (c. 1975) Now that my hair is short I am offering them to you. Lovely Turquoise stones are set in Sterling Silver mounts at the top of each comb. The teeth of the comb are faux tortoise shell. These are fun to wear one on each side or two together forming a larger comb design. Hair ornaments are not easy to find since they are made only for the tourist trade. Enjoy them yourself or give these as a treat to your daughter or granddaughter.

Condition: Excellent. Stones are uniform in color. Teeth of combs are perfect.
Size: 1 5/8 high, 1 1/2" wide.

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