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Native American Jewelry: NA142

CORNROW STRIPES ( Native American Indian Jewelry Navajo Bracelet ): A captivating piece from my personal collection, this cuff bracelet (c. 1995) caught my eye because of the unusual mix of colors. Fashion designers always love black, white and red and so do I. Navajo by design, this Sterling Silver Bracelet is made of tapering, rounded inlay pieces of Jet, Red Jasper and possibly White Buffalo. (White Buffalo is not really Turquoise, but aluminite or howlite. The white inlay pieces have lovely sparkling bands of silver running through them. The impression this bracelet gives is something like corn row kernels, but much more sophisticated. Set into a silver mount, both the center top and the bottom of the band are edged with an extra band of silver with two tiny orbs at each end. The inside of the band is stamped “STERLING” and hallmarked “DD”. I believe the Navajo artists who made this elegant bracelet are Donny and Dorothy Clark. This bracelet fits a small wrist. A masterful cornucopia of exquisite color executed with Navajo skill and artistry. Not a piece that you will see again!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 7/8” wide at center, tapering to 3/8” at ends, 1/4" deep. 6 1/4" inner opening including the gap. Fits a small wrist.

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