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Native American Jewelry: NA140

A TREASURE TO BEHOLD ( Native American Indian Jewelry Treasure Necklace ): This Treasure Necklace is a real beauty to behold! All of the elements have been gathered from cultures throughout the world. Each necklace is one of a kind and incorporates the labor and expertise of a wide variety of artists. This four-strand “Treasure Necklace” consists of a mixture of various stones, Venetian glass beads, ancient pottery shards and hand carved fetishes. Coral, lapis, opal, aquamarine and tourmaline form the background of this treasure necklace. Other natural materials include travertine, ivory, turquoise, opal, carnelian, green onyx, rose quartz, hematite and sodalite. The silver beads are Navajo and the fetish carvings are Zuni in origin. I particularly like the chunks of clear rock crystal and the fetish animals – the large white fox, birds, bears and the most charming – coral and spiny oyster shell frogs. You can spend hours looking at each element. The artistry is apparent in the choice and placement of the “treasures”. All four strands are encased in silver cones and the hook fits into the extender chain, giving you the choice of how long you want the beads to hang. You can easily slip it over your head. A lavish and show-stopping necklace for you ladies who favor the bold and dramatic look. Wear it on denim or velvet – this is a look you will treasure!

Condition: Excellent.
Size: From cone to cone 33” long, extender chain 4” long, hangs about 1 1/4" wide.

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