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WINGS OF FIRE ( Mary Carter Hancock Jewelry Raven Pendant ): This dramatic Black Raven Pendant is from the “The Wings of Fire” collection by Mary Carter Hancock. Native American mythology gives great spiritual importance to these large black birds. The raven (like the coyote) obtained mythic status because he was a mediator animal between life and death. In these stories he is responsible for the creation of the world and bringing important foodstuffs such as salmon into the world. Other legends portray him as a trickster god, childish, selfish, sly and cunning. In this pendant the soaring raven itself is made of molded black horn – all horn items are made by this process. The large beaten Sterling Silver shape may represent the moon. The faceted stone is a padparadscha, a rare pink-orange variety of corundum. These gems are mined in Sri Lanka and the name comes from the Sinhalese word for lotus flower. There is a generous pendant hook on the back. (Chain is not included.) Wear this magical and mystical pendant and you will get lots of attention!

Condition: Excellent. “Wings of Fire” card is included. Chain is not included.
Size: 2” high, 2 1/8” wide, 1/4" deep.

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