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Native American Jewelry: NA137

VITAL SYMBOLS OF LIFE ( Vintage Native American Indian Jewelry Navajo Claw Ring ): The rage for claw and tooth jewelry has once again become popular with costume jewelry designers. Representation of animal and spirit guides has always been a trademark of Native American cultures. Exotic and powerful, this large Vintage Navajo ring features a black claw, an oval of black matrix turquoise and a nice piece of Mediterranean coral. (c. 1980) All of the pieces are bezel set in Sterling Silver. A decorative band of twisted wire work, along with silver loops and balls, finish off this striking ring. The silver band anchoring the claw has star shaped stampwork on it. I believe that the claw itself may be horn. There is a split shank ring band and the ring is currently a size 5 1/2. (Can be made larger by a jeweler.) Not for the timid, this bold Vintage Navajo ring represents animal, sky and water symbols all vital to the life of the tribes. Always a superb fashion statement, this is a killer combination. Designers favor gray picture this with other Indian pieces as you flaunt your individual style.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: 2 high, 1 1/2" wide, 1/8 deep. Ring size 5 1/2.

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