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STRIPES IN STONE ( Native American Indian Zuni Channel Inlay Bracelet ): Zuni jewelers are well known for their spectacular work setting cut stones in mosaic designs, both stone-to-stone inlay and channel inlay, where a thin channel of silver separates the individual stones. This stunning inlay Zuni bracelet unites turquoise, sugilite and deep blue lapis to produce a dynamite combination. The superbly crafted design of the inlay uses the intense colors of the stones to create a small masterpiece of the jeweler’s art. (Each stone has been hand cut and fitted into the channel inlay stripes and then polished.) The inside of this bracelet bears the hallmark “RC” (artist unknown to me) and is stamped “Sterling”. This is a bracelet of solid weight and has a safety chain attached. A symphony in color to please your eye and captivate your imagination. Condition: Excellent. Size: Curved bracelet is 1 1/8” wide, 1/4” deep. Inner circumference is 5” plus a 1” opening. Fits a small wrist only. Cannot be sized.

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