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SLEEK AND SUBTLE HOPI ( Vintage Native American Indian Hopi Bracelet ): I purchased this Sterling Silver satin finish Hopi bracelet in Santa Fe about 25 years ago. A complex piece that exhibits the Hopi overlay technique at its best. The general effect of Hopi overlay jewelry is one of sleek abstraction. Designs are clean and balanced; surfaces are buffed to a highly polished or satin mat finish. Notice the harmony and balance in the motif of this bracelet. One side is the exact reverse of the other. The inside of the bracelet has two hallmarks. One is the artist’s mark, a leaf (artist unknown to me) and the other is the sun face that symbolizes the Hopi Silvercraft Guild, established in 1949.  Superbly crafted, this bracelet feels like silk on your wrist. Condition: Excellent. A few surface scratches from wear. Size: 3/4” wide, inner circumference 7’’ including 1” opening. My wrist is 6 1/4” over the bone and it fits me perfectly. A small / medium sized bracelet.

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