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Native American Jewelry: NA089


SUN TO STONE ( Vintage Native American Indian Zuni Pendant ): The enduring appeal of the Hopi Tewa motif (sun-god face) merged with the Zuni inlay technique produces a striking visual effect in this Sterling Silver pendant. Zuni jewelers are well known for their meticulously fine work in setting stones into mosaic designs. This domed circular pendant is a lovely example of stone-to-stone inlay. Jet, coral, turquoise and mother-of-pearl have been used to create this Tewa face. The circular inlay face is placed within a domed sterling design. The silver surround sets off the stones beautifully. (Some unavoidable reflections appear in the photos.) >From my personal collection, I love the clean, simple modern lines that this piece exhibits. (c. 1980) Worn alone or in combination with other pieces it always gathers compliments. Even people who don’t care for “Indian” jewelry will like this pendant. There is a nice silver bale with a delicate stamp pattern. The perfect pendant to wear on a neckwire or omega chain.
Condition: Excellent. Unsigned.
Size: 2” long – including bale, 1 5/8” in diameter, domed halves 3/4” deep.

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