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Native American Jewelry: NA063


PATTERNS IN STONE ( Vintage Santo Domingo Indian Shell Necklace ): The Santo Domingo mosaic style of jewelry has its roots in the pre-historic Anasazi and Hohokam cultures. This vintage mosaic on shell necklace (c. 1970) is a fine example of that ancient tradition. An overlay of malachite stones with a wide border of brass and jet has been mounted on a spiny oyster shell pendant. Shells were precious to early tribes because of their rarity and their association with water, so vital to life in the desert. Jet is a stone favored for centuries in part because of its purported ability to ward off the “evil eye”. Mosaic is an overlay technique in which pieces of shell or stone are glued onto a base (traditionally shell), then ground down to a smooth surface, sanded to remove scratches and finally buffed to a high polish. The beaded portion of this necklace is comprised of 2 strands of brown shaded shell Heishi, silver beads with accents of tubular turquoise beads. The clasp is a large hook and eye closure.
Condition: Excellent.
Size: Shell is 2 1/4” long, 2” wide, 5/8” deep. Beaded necklace is 24” long. It hangs 14 3/4” at center when you include the shell.


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