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Native American Jewelry: NA061


ZUNI KNIFE-WING DEITY ( Vintage American Zuni Indian Ring ): This curious god, the Knife-Wing figure, is the hero of hundreds of folklore tales and the titular deity of the Zuni. He is represented as possessing a human form, furnished with knife feathered wings and tail. His dress includes the conventional terraced cap, representative of his dwelling place among the clouds. He was doubtless the original “War God” of the Zunis. This large knife-wing ring is a wonderful example of Zuni mosaic inlay work. Purchased in the 1970’s, it is set with turquoise, jet, coral and mother-of-pearl. It is signed “G. D.” & “Vacit – Zuni”. The ring is just over a size 7 1/2 and is very comfortable to wear. Dramatic and complex, this is a ring that will be noticed by everyone.
Condition: Excellent. No cracks or chips.
Size: Ring size 7 1/2. Mosaic figure 1 1/2” high, 1 3/8” wide

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