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Native American Jewelry: NA056


SCRIMSHAW SURPRISE ( Native American Navajo Indian Ivory Scrimshaw Pendant ): A subtle mixture of soft coral, turquoise and scrimshaw on mammoth ivory, prove that the unexpected can be both surprising and pleasing. Set in sterling silver, this Vintage Navajo pendant dates from the 1970’s and includes the 17” chain. The scrimshaw design was done by a separate artist and signed “M.J.” at the bottom.  The back of the pendant is stamped “ELK MT” and “Sterling”. If you have an eye for the unusual at a bargain price, this pendant should speak to you.
Condition: Very good. The ivory piece has what I believe to be a natural pattern of gray coloration on the right side.
Size: 2” high, 1 1/4” wide. Chain is 17” long.

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