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Native American Jewelry: NA053

STUNNING SUNFACE ( Native American Indian Zuni Inlay Pin / Pendant ): This old (1950’s) Zuni Sunface Pin is a fine example of traditional channel inlay work. A thin "channel" of silver separates the individual stones. The central "face" is set with turquoise, coral, jet and mother-of-pearl. The beautiful " feather" sunrays are mother-of-pearl tipped in jet. Hallmarked "LG" (artist unknown to me), the entire pin / pendant is domed and smooth to the touch. An identical pin appears on page 111 of Nancy Shiffer’s book - "Jewelry by Southwest American Indians: EVOLVING DESIGNS". The back seems to indicate a history of change. It appears that the original pin back went up and down. That has been changed to a horizontal pin with a safety catch. The pendant hook appears to have been added at that time. This kind of hook works best in an open link chain. The Sunface also looks great pinned to a neck ribbon. Condition: Very good. To the naked eye it looks perfect. Only under magnification are some age-related flaws visible. Size: 1 7/8" diameter.

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