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Native American Jewelry: NA051


SYMBOLIC BELT LINKS ( Native American Navajo Indian Belt ): Sterling Silver Medallions, each with symbolic Hopi designs, are linked together in this wonderful vintage link belt. Each polished round disk is crafted in the overlay technique. The belt is made up of a central disk and 12 smaller ones, each with a different design. The center “Buckle” disk, an Eagle Dancer, has a hook on the back that can attach to any link depending on how large or small you want the belt to be. The design motifs include a feathered Tewa, bear paw, buffalo, multiple Yei figures, thunderbird, corn plant, pottery, feathers and a lovely butterfly. This belt has been in my collection for thirty years. Although the belt uses the Hopi overlay technique and symbols, I believe that it is a Navajo piece, probably designed by Willie Yazzie, Jr. or Sr. Both men used the stamped representation of a medicine man’s dipper and both specialized in the overlay technique. Unlike Hopi overlay, this belt does not have the tiny etched marks in the cut out areas. A link belt like this one is pictured in Peter N. Shiffers book: Indian Jewelry on the Market, page 22. A beautiful belt that brought me years of compliments.
Condition: Excellent. Some surface scratches, not visible to the eye.
Size: Central medallion 2” in diameter. Other disks 1 1/2” in diameter. Total belt length 32 1/2”.


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