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Native American Jewelry: NA042


POWERFUL BEAR SPIRITS ( Native American Zuni Indian Fetish Necklace ): This fine vintage Zuni Bear Fetish Necklace has been in my family for at least 20 years. A fetish is a natural or man-made object suggesting a specific life force in which a spirit is believed to reside. This necklace is comprised of hand carved full body bears made of jasper, turquoise, jet, serpentine, pipestone, alabaster and picasso marble. The bottom turquoise centerpiece bear is standing on his hind legs at his full height. There are 15 bears on this necklace - each one unique. Bears are said to be powerful carriers of strength and health. The fetishes are strung on olive shell heishi beads with silver cones on the ends. The closure is an easy to fasten hook and eye. A powerful and colorful fetish necklace carefully carved by the Zuni.
Condition: Excellent.
Size: Full necklace 28 long, center standing bear 1 1/2 high, other bears approximately 5/8 long.

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