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Native American Jewelry: NA038


THE HARMONY OF EARTH AND SKY ( Native American Navajo Indian Necklace ): A fashionable Navajo necklace from my personal collection. The Sterling cap and turquoise stone signify the sky and the clam shell heishi and tusk bring together the elements of life on the earth. Designers love these rough ethnic fashion accessories this year and most people are wearing faux versions of the real thing. The handmade heishi is graduated in shades of cream to brown with a hook and eye clasp. A large silver leaf and bezel enhance the turquoise stone. I have owned this piece since the 1970s, so it (and I) are vintage.
Condition: Excellent.
Size: Full length 12 including the tusk. Heishi 17 long. Tusk is a curved 2 3/4 long.


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