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Native American Jewelry: NA033


ZUNI DAZZLE ( Native American Zuni Indian Earrings ): This elegant pair of Zuni cluster work clip earrings date from the 1960’s. Cluster work is favored by the Zuni ladies who began this style of labor intensive work in the 1920’s. Stones are first carefully cut and polished, then placed in individual silver bezels. About 1/3 of the stones are lost in the cutting process. These “petit point” circular earrings utilize tiny stones in multiple settings. The outer ring of oblong stones on each earring contains 17 stones. The center ring has 8 circular stones. This clip back style is very difficult to find. These earrings look great with the Zuni pin - NA034.
Condition: Excellent. The stones contain natural matrix and no stone loss.
Size: Each earring 1 1/4” diameter.

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