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Native American Jewelry: NA026

HOPI SPLENDOR ( Native American Indian Hopi Bracelet ): This splendid sterling cuff bracelet is an exciting example of new Hopi techniques. A wonderful blend of old and new silver work. This bracelet combines a brand of traditional Hopi overlay work set on top of a cuff of abraded brushed silver. I think the designs are water symbols. Made by prominent Hopi artist - Ramon A. Dalangyawma. This cuff is from my personal collection. It is marked "Sterling" and hallmarked "DALANGYAWMA". Will fit a medium to small wrist. A very special contemporary piece of Hopi silver artistry.

Condition: Excellent.
Size: Inner opening: 5 1/2", opening between ends: 1 1/4", width: 1" at center, tapers to 5/8" at ends.


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