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ANCIENT MYSTERIES ( Native American Indian Hopi Necklace ): This large Sterling Collar Necklace is probably what I like to call "Navahopi". That is a Navajo piece made in the Hopi style. Itís a tapered collar piece, shaped like a crescent moon with scenes of ancient pueblo dwellings complete with ladders, windows, doorways and steps. You can even see a small ladder down a well or ceremonial opening at center. The hand made chain is comprised of circles and fused links. A large hook and ring make an easy and sturdy clasp. The necklace is marked "Sterling" and hallmarked "CB". It reminds me of the Canyon de Chelly and the mysterious disappearance of the ancient Anasazi. Condition: Excellent. A few minor surface scratches. Crescent 5 3/4" wide, 1 1/2" high. 6 1/2" chain on each side of crescent. Approximately 19" all the way around the necklace when closed.

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