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Native American Jewelry: NA0130


NIGHT SKY LITTLE BEAR ( Native American Indian Jewelry Navajo Ring ): This Navajo ring is quite a marvel – the quality of the silver, turquoise and mother-of-pearl inlay is so remarkable! The jet black bear has three different sized dots and circles inlayed all across the face of the piece. With a turquoise zigzag heartline running through it, a comet speeding downward and a shell moon, the whole bear takes on the appearance of the constellation Ursa Minor in the night time sky. Its name is Latin for “little bear”. This bear is set in Sterling Silver and mounted on a triple shank ring band. The hallmark on the bear reads “N?D” and “Sterling”. The ring fits my pinky finger and must have originally been a pin or a pendant that was converted into a ring, thus obscuring part of the hallmark. The current ring band reassures a size 5 1/2, perfect for petite fingers. Both delicate and dazzling, this guardian bear spirit will delight you.
Condition: Excellent. Some fine scratches from wear only visible under magnification.
Size: Bear measures 1 3/4” wide, 3/4" high, just over 1/8” deep. Ring band is 1/8” wide and currently a size 5 1/2.


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