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Native American Jewelry: NA013

BRING THE PAST ALIVE ( Native American Navajo Indian Bracelet ): A wonderful vintage Navajo sand-cast silver bracelet, bezel set with a beautiful orange coral oval. The grace of the large silver loops - an almost floral like design, the smooth finish of the piece and the delicate stamp work identify this as the work of a real craftsman. These bracelets are generally cast flat and then hammered into shape. Notice the textured imprint on the back.  Sand-cast is no longer a common style so a piece as large and graceful as this is to be prized.
Condition: Excellent.                                                                                                                
Size: 2 1/2 tall at center, tapering to 1 at the ends. Coral stone - 5/8 by 3/8 oval. Fits a medium wrist.


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