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Native American Jewelry: NA0128


DAZZLING PINK CORAL ( Native American Indian Jewelry Zuni Pink Coral Necklace ): One of the distinctive characteristics of Southwest Indian jewelry is its dazzling diversity of color created by the intermingling of a variety of stones, shells and metals. This wonderful Angelskin Coral necklace is an estate piece that was purchased at the Santa Fe Indian Market in 1985. Mediterranean Coral, was introduced to Zuni artisans by traders in the late 1930’s. The variations in coral from blood red to pale pink – and its scarceness – still make it a highly coveted material. Multiple-strand necklaces in coral are a sign of prestige and wealth; coral is also associated with good luck and a long life. Most native artists purchase their coral beads already cut, polished and drilled. Then they restring them into necklaces. I just love this four strand cylindrical shaped pink coral necklace because of the natural shaped and shaded beads. There are tiny olive shell heishi beads between each coral bead and at the top of the necklace. They are very different from the beaded strands where every bead is alike. This necklace goes over your head and is finished off with a “squaw wrap” cotton closure. Developed before commercial fasteners were available; it is still a preferred style for many Native American artists. Coral has dramatically increased in price and will continue to do so. This is a necklace that you don’t want to pass up.
Condition: Excellent.
Size: 34 ½” long, squaw wrap is 6” long and very soft and comfortable.

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