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CORAL & CORN COBS ( Native American Indian Navajo Earrings ): This pair of corn cob earrings has been in my private collection for at least 35 years. (c. 1970) A signed pair of pierced earrings depicting a favorite Native American motif – food grown from mother earth. These hand made corn cobs have all of their little kernels exposed along with 3 silky leaves. Two of the leaves are curved at the bottom as if they had been pulled open and the third leaf gracefully curves up to the post. My favorite touch is the bezel set oxblood coral at the bottom. These coral pieces are sought out by collectors because of the scarcity of true coral. The value of Native American jewelry set with coral has risen tremendously in recent years and will go nowhere but up! These pierced earrings are unusual and fun to wear. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2 ½” high, 3/4” at wide point.  

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