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Native American Jewelry: NA0116


METAL OF THE MOON ( Vintage Native American Indian Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace ): This lovely traditional Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace is the first piece of Indian jewelry that I purchased for myself. That was over 40 years ago, so it and I are definitely “Vintage”. Ingeniously crafted from Sterling Silver – that shimmering beauty that ancient alchemists called “the metal of the moon” – the squash blossom is instantly recognizable. It consists of the distinctive combination: a strand of round, so called “squash blossom” beads that explode into flaring tails interspersed by 2 rows of round beads that surround the compelling center piece – an eye catching silver crescent referred to by its Navajo name “Naja”. This particular “squash” is bezel set with 12 pieces of deep blue turquoise with a silver matrix instead of the usual brown or black webbing. The naja contains 8 more of these matching turquoise and silver stones. There is a hook and eye closure. Remember that this necklace is entirely hand made, including the beads. This squash blossom necklace is an eloquent testimony to the skill and creativity of the Navajo silversmith. Simply irresistible!
Condition: Excellent.
Size: The total necklace, with naja, hangs approximately 16” long. Each blossom is 1 3/4” long, the naja is 3 1/8” long. The necklace is roughly 25” long from hook to eye.


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