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Native American Jewelry: NA0113


GUARDIAN OF THE SUN ( Vintage Native American Indian Frank Yellowhorse Navajo Inlay Bear Pendant ): Bears, the symbol of supreme power, have always been a popular subject with Southwest jewelers. In the Navajo creation story the bear is a guardian of the sun. From my personal collection, I am offering this superbly crafted Navajo Bear Inlay Pendant. (c. 1975) A dazzling diversity of color is created by the intermingling of a variety of stones, shells and metals. Set in Sterling Silver, this bear inlay consists of turquoise, purple and orange spiny oyster shell, jet, mother-of-pearl and malachite. A rare dynamite combination of colors that you won’t find again. This captivating pendant is signed “Frank Yellowhorse” (along with his hallmark of a rearing horse) and stamped “Navajo – Sterling”. There is a large bale wide enough for a thick chain, neck collar or omega chain. The colors and details are a pleasure to study. You can wear this piece with denim or black velvet and be certain that all eyes will be on you!
Condition: Excellent.
Size: 3 ½” wide, 2 ½” long with bale, ¼” deep. Bale has ½” opening.


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