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Native American Jewelry: NA0109


THE SIMPLE, SILKY BEAUTY OF HEISHI ( Vintage Native American Indian Green Turquoise Heishi Necklace ): The people of Santo Domingo have perfected the craft of making small rolled stone bead disks, known as “heishi”, into necklaces. It is a labor intensive process that displays beauty in its simplicity. This 3 strand necklace (c. 1970) is made of graduated sage green turquoise beads. There is a coral bead at the top of the green disk stones that links the three strands of tiny olive shell heishi on each side.  Sterling Silver cones lead to the hook and eye closure. The cones make the back of the necklace feel more comfortable on your neck. If you run your fingers along the turquoise beads they feel smooth as silk. Wear this necklace alone or combine it with another piece for a more dramatic effect. It is wonderful mixed with coral!
Condition: Excellent.
Size: Hangs 12 ½” long. Total length 27”. Largest bead ¼”.


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