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Native American Jewelry: NA0103


JOURNEY TO THE HOPI WORLD ( Native American Indian Chalmers Day Hopi Bolo Tie ): I am pleased to be able to offer you this outstanding bolo tie by award winning Hopi Artist Chalmers Day. This exquisite Sterling Silver Hopi design is very sophisticated with extremely detailed overlay work. The quality of his artistry is exceptional as seen in this bolo, which combines rain, water and village scenes in one piece. The most complex Hopi designer of whom I know, his work is often identified by the tiny round circle as seen on the left lower half of this bolo. Chalmers Day’s jewelry takes one on a journey into the Hopi world. His designs portray the life of the Hopi, their migrations, ceremonies and spiritual figures. He is recognized as one of the greatest overlay jewelers in history. (See “American Indian Jewelry I – 1200 Artist Biographies” Page 133.) There is a clamp style release on the back of the bolo and the Chalmers Day hallmark of a cloud is impressed in the silver. The braided tie is black leather with long tapered Sterling Silver tips and dangling cones. His awards are to numerous to list. I used to stand in line at 7 AM at the Santa Fe Indian Market to be able to purchase one of the 7 or 8 pieces he had made. This is the finest Hopi work available. It is a bolo that will stand out in any collection.
Condition: Excellent. This is part of our personal collection and was purchased over 20 years ago. Size: Silver overlay design 2 3/4” high, 1 3/4” wide. Braided tie plus tips 47” long.

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