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Native American Jewelry: NA009

NIGHT HOWLERS ( Native American Navajo Indian Bracelet ): This Signed, Sterling Cuff Bracelet features a motif of 2 coyotes howling at the moon. Stamp work covers the edges and sides. Native Americans believe that coyotes are “tricksters” and these are 2 charmingly stylized examples. This piece is what I call “Navahopi”, that is Navajo artist mimicking the Hopi style silver overlay and etched background. The smooth Sterling Silver surfaces have been polished to a bright shine. (The blue color on the cuff in the photo is a reflection from the blue velvet surface.) Stylish and fun even if you are not a collector of Native American jewelry.
Condition: Excellent.                                                                                                         
Size: 1 1/4” wide. Inner cuff measurement just under 6”. Cuff-back opening 1”. Fits a lady’s small to medium wrist, no larger than 6 1/2”.

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