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Mourning Jewelry: VJ027

THE ROMANCE OF A HAIRWORK NECKLACE ( Victorian Mourning Jewelry Necklace ): This delicate Victorian necklace (1850 - 80) is made of 22 open-weave table-worked balls and 20 gilt bead spacers. In the center of the necklace is a thin rod holding a tear drop dangle with gold caps at both ends of the drop. The findings appear to be gold-filled. The catch is a slotted tube into which a V spring catch is inserted. When was the last time you saw a piece like this with no fraying or loss of hair? Condition: Very good. Center cord is detached so beads have some loss of shape. One hair bead adjoining the clasp is glued. This is the area that requires handling to fasten the clasp so the glue only makes it more durable. 18" long when unclasped. Hair drop 1".

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